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Start to the season!

The new season has now started and there have been 3 games played for all teams, there has been some big wins like Man Utd’s  8-2 win over arsenal and Man City’s 5-1 win over Tottenham. Currently the premier league is out for international break and will resume from next weekend. Also Tottenham have had the worse start to their season in 5 years, with Arsenal also having a terrible start, whilst as recently promoted Norwich and QPR seasons have both started rather well. The upcoming fixtures for the premier leauge are:
Bolton v’s Man Utd:Saturday 10th sep     Man City v’s Wigan:Saturday 10th sep    Liverpool v’s Stoke:Saturday 10th sep      Chelsea v’s Sunderland:Saturday 10th sep      Wolves v’s TottenhamSaturday 10th sep      Newcastle v’s QPR:Monday 12th sep     Aston Villa v’s Everton:Saturday 10th sep    Norwich v’s West Brom:Sunday 11th sep    Swansea v’s Arsenal:Saturday 10th sep     Fulham v’s Blackburn:Sunday 11th sep


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